Hair Glossary


Here you will find many terms associated with Hair Loss and Hair Removal. If you have other terms that you would like for us to define or better explain please let us know. Send and email to

Chemically treated hair

General term referring to chemical coloring, tinting, perming, curling, straightening, etc....


Referring to plants or plant derived


Upper, back part of scalp


The area on the top flat portion of the scalp; above the ear to ear trajectory


Frontal area of the scalp; often the first area to start balding in men

Seborrheic dermatitis

Skin disease, usually of the scalp, exhibiting lesions and discolored scaliness


This is at the center of the hair bulb base. The hairs nourishment passes through the papilla.


The thin upper layer of skin


Thick lower layer of skin

Subcutaneous tissue

The layer below the dermis

Hair bulb

Thick lower end or base of the hair shaft

Hair shaft

Main body of hair above the bulb. The hair shaft is made up of three parts.

The Medula

The central or core portion of the hair shaft.


The main bulky portion of the hair shaft.


The outer protectant layer of the hair shaft. It has a scale- like composition.

Eccrine sweat gland

Sweat glands that open directly onto the skin surface.

Sebaceous gland

Sebum secreting glands that open into hair follicles.

Apocrine gland

Sweat glands that open into hair follicles. Their secretion produces perspiration “odour” when bacteria interacts with it.

Sweat pores

The skin opening of a sweat gland.

Arrector Pili Muscle

Muscle attached to the lower portion of the hair shaft and the skin. Involuntary muscle that when contracted causes the attached hair to raise.


Cells located in the basal cell area, immediately beneath the epidermis that produce melanin.


A color producing pigment for skin, hair and eyes. Sunlight stimulates production of melanin which protects against UV rays.


Tradename: Rogaine® - Blood Pressure medication used to stimulate hair growth.

Epilating (Hair Removal)

Fully removing a hair including its root.


Product or method of removing unwanted hair.