Hair Tips and Trends

Fight the Frizz

Summer is right around the corner and with that comes a lot of humidity and a lot of frustrated frizzy females. You spend hours on end doing whatever you can to ensure that your hair doesn't turn into a giant fluff ball by the end of the day, but the second the humidity hits, POOF!

So what can you do to actually ban the frizz from your hair for this hot weather? Are you giving up because everything else that you have tried has failed you miserably? I'm sure every female can relate, but don't lose faith just yet. This next anti-frizz remedy may just be the one to say your hair day!

Start in the shower. Use something that hydrates your hair like F.A.S.T Shampoo! Once out of the shower, apply a leave in conditioner to help lock that moisture in your hair.

Now protection is the world of the season. SPF isn't all you need to keep yourself healthy this summer! You can find creams, sprays and lotions that will help to smooth your hair which will keep the frizz away and of course, they will protect your hair as well which will help against damaging your strands which will leave you with less split ends to frizz. It's always a good choice to indulge in a hair repair therapy at least once a week to really protect and rejuvenate your scalp and strands. Nisim’s Deep Conditioning hair Masque works great with the Heat therapy wrap for a once a week treatment.

Lastly, which hair styles you indulge in from day to day will determine your frizz factor. On days that are extremely hot and humid, try to avoid heat products at all costs. Opting for a natural look or a messy bun on these days will make your frizz look fashionable. Braids and French twists are also great options for those hot summer days when your hair is refusing to be tamed. Indulge in looks that are supposed to look messy, so when the heat, humidity and wind mess up your do, everyone else will think it's supposed to look fashionably frizzy.

Unfortunately, sometimes, you simply can't fight the 90% humidity and your hair will frizz, no matter what you do, but at least these tips and tricks will help reduce the frizz filled hair days.

Day to Night Hairstyles

The best thing about hair styles is that you can rock certain ones when you only have (the time) to do them once, right? The last thing anyone wants to do after a long Friday work day (or any day, really) is to come home and shower, just to get ready all over again. Thankfully, there are tons of hairstyles that you can do in the morning, and take them all the way to the end of the night, no matter what your agenda holds! With very little changes, get ready to rock your hair from rolling out of the sheets to passing out on them, hours later!


If you have short face-framing hair, you probably style it neat and classy for the day. Use a little hair wax and your fingers to make it a little messy and go hit up happy hour for some delicious martinis with the girls — and not have to worry about going home to get ready first!


If you have medium length hair that ends around your chin, (known as a bob), wear your hair in loose waves for the day and when you're ready to hit the down, simply pull your hair back into a pony tail. The loose waves from your day look will turn a boring pony tail into a chic hair style.


Another great alternative is to pin some pieces back from your face. Add a bang braid and clip for a little extra spunk!


If you have long hair and like to wear it down for work, it almost always falls flat by the end of the day. No need to worry — sleek your hair back into a bun by twirling specific pieces into a fun and twisted chignon. Of course, you should always have bobby pins hidden somewhere in the bottom of your super adorable purse!


Another great day to night look for long hair is to gather your hair at the nape of your neck at the end of the day, grab a strand of hair and twist around the hairband to hide it and voila! You have a chic and cute within minutes.


These little tweaks will take you from the boardroom to the bar within minutes — and some even seconds. All you need is a hair band and bobby pins, which you more than likely have somewhere in your purse already. Use your fingers to twist and twirl when necessary and there you go! Dance the night away — but not too late! You don't want to get too crazy and be late for the next morning at work!

Ways to Make Your Hair Longer

Every female wants and desires long and luscious hair but of course, most don't know how achievable this actually is. Some of the following tips take seconds, some minutes and some a few days, but all you need to do is read this article for all the tips on getting your hair longer and it will be more luscious and more beautiful in no time!


The quickest way to make your hair appear longer is to straighten it. This will really work if you have curly hair, of course and the curlier it is, the longer it'll look when straightened. Of course, this won't add anything longer than an inch or two, depending on your hair and how well your hair straightener works, but it's a quick fix for a little bit of extra length.


Of course, you want some real length and some quick extra inches added to your hair! Well, luckily for you, there's always the option of using extensions! You can get several lengths and styles as well as synthetic (fake) hair, and then actual real human hair. Synthetic extensions are definitely more inexpensive than real ones — but be careful not to get extensions that aren't natural looking!


If you don't like extensions and simply want your actual hair to be longer and more beautiful, FAST hair shampoo and conditioner is a great alternative! Although it can take a few washes to notice your hair getting longer, it is the healthiest and most natural way to go!

Taking daily multivitamin and drinking lots of water will help ensure that your hair, nails and body are getting all the necessary vitamins they need to be strong, healthy and nourished. When your hair is healthy it will not be as likely to break off when it grows longer.


Lastly, take care of your hair! Try to avoid excess use of heat products and if you do use heat tools remember to use a heat protectant serum! The healthier your hair, the less breaking it will do, thus leaving your hair long and luscious!

jitrnice.orgFor extra fast hair growth tips and tricks, check out the jitrnice blog.

Hair Trend Of The Week

Have you been stuck in a hairy situation and unable to get the summer hair trends nailed yet? Well, lucky for you — it's another week which means a new hair trend that you must try and a fresh start. So what is it for this week?


It's the messy braid!


Of course, everyone knows that braids are super trendy this summer season, but the messy braid is something even more trendy right now so you absolutely must learn and indulge, especially if you have long hair! Plus, it's super easy to do and if you mess it up — that's okay! After all, it's supposed to look messy and so far from perfect, which works perfectly for us ladies, we can’t be perfect all the time!


To achieve this look, all you have to do is loosely pull your hair back into a braid of your choice, whether it be a french braid, classic 3 strand, fishtail or whatever else you are feeling. If you want to make it really chic and messy, pull at the separate strands and sides once you have completed the braid and let the trends fall.


How easy is that?


What are you waiting for? It's time to get braiding!